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Photos – Rev. leads his member to protest and pray over the poor state of road in Aba, Abia state


A clergyman, in Aba, Abia state Reverend David Okechukwu, led his church members to stage a peaceful protest and also pray over the deplorable state of Ohanku road in Aba, the commercial heart of Abia state.

The clergyman being worried over the poor state of the road, which his parishioners use regularly, led his parishioners to protest over the road and also pray for God to intervene and get the road fixed as soon as possible. 

See photos below;


  1. God cannot come down from heaven to do for me what he has given men brains to do for themselves.
    From the days of Orji Uzor Kanu to Theordore Oji the people of Aba have been shouting action governor, action governor and singing praises governor Ike Ikpazu onyinbiri.
    Now the Rev is walking inside dirty mud to cry for road repairs.
    Where are the Choir that sang gov Ike Ikpazu onyenmiri, ewooo


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