Home News Pipeline explosion hits Ilara community, Ogun State

Pipeline explosion hits Ilara community, Ogun State


A massive explosion rocked Ilara area near Ogijo in Ogun State after a vandalised pipeline exploded. The explosion occured at about 10pm on Sunday and fire was still raging as at 3am on Monday.

Reports have it that, the pipeline was vandalized sometime last week and the valve was left open with fuel gushing out unhindered. Sources claimed the community did not report the case as they should  have.

Details are still not clear as to what caused the vandalized pipeline to explode but residents of the area were said to have fled their homes to safety as fire spread. The Commander, 174 Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Benedict Ezeh, was contacted, and he said he had already called the area manager at Mosimi Depot to immediately shut down the pipeline as a first measure towards extinguishing the inferno.

He said the battalion received distress calls from residents of the area about the massive explosion.


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