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“Please help me! I lied to my fiance that I am a virgin, my wedding is in December’ – Nigerian lady cries out


A Nigerian lady, Ceedars Queen took to her problem to the public forum to ask for what she can do after she lied to her fiance that she was still a virgin and right now her wedding preparations have been set and ready to hold in December.

She wrote;

“When I was 15, a man in our neighborhood had se.x with me. I was too confused and embarrassed to tell anyone about it. I didn’t get pregnant. While growing up, I still remembered the incident and kept away from dating throughout my university days.

I met my fiancé in 2014. Somehow I told him I was still a virgin when we were still getting to know ourselves. He asked me to marry him soon after. It seemed as if the main reason he wanted marriage was that he felt I was a decent girl and I didn’t want him to find out after our wedding. I did some kinds of stuff to my vag*na and we had se.x. It was like the whole process of deflowering again. He seemed satisfied.

The issue is that I feel scared starting my marriage on a lie. Standing before the priest when there’s a secret between us. We’ve done the necessary intro. I don’t know what to think anymore. Should I let him continue believing he’s the only man I’ve been with?”


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