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Please read this story and help the Lady with answers



  1. At a second thought have you ever wonder what would have happened if at all you weren’t around in d house that very day…my dear believe it or not God is trying 2pull you out from this pending doom, and if you think you are in love and not lust go ahead and see misery ahead of you. As for the baby don’t abort it, it’s evil 2do so. Give ur dad reasons why you cannot abort the child but make him understand that the marriage cannot proceed..chikinaa

  2. well, your sister is the one that is about destroying your marriage not your father. That said man does not really love you? it might occur again may be not with your sister but some one else.. It is clear that your are ready to continue, so let him go beg your dad. I rest my case.

  3. its not about your dad, my sister , this man will not stop doing that… Eventually in life you will have Nanny’s, your mum, sisters, friends coming to live with you guys, are you saying he will not go around trying to defile them? If he is addicted to Alcohol because I am wondering what will make him to beat your sister to stupor when he was doing it with her. And also you are pregnant and he cannot hold himself, I am sure he must have been sleeping around with other girls…. Please run away from such men, HIV, AIDS is real……of course he did not use protection when he was defiling your sister.

    My advice to you, leave that man.. No need to abort the baby because it is killing a soul which is not good according to the bible and make sure you take proper care of the child and your self and please don’t tell him /her why you did not marry the father. You have to let your dad know that you cannot abort the child irrespective of what the dad did to you. Tell him that you have asked God to forgive you for not waiting till your marriage rites is completed before getting pregnant. Tell him that aborting that child is a sin and perhaps you don’t know what the future holds for you. If you have any difficulty , you can go to the welfare organization, NGO’s they can help you out. That child might be our future President… God bless you and strengthen you to make the right decisions.. it is well.

  4. Since the man is repentant, go ahead and marry him with or without your father. He will not do anything. If he tries to do anything, be ready to face him. You hv shown that you can be happy with this man. The Devil want to disorganize you. Do not allow him.

  5. Your last statement just got me angry now…like for real? Is that how desperate you are to get married to a rapist an an abuser? Oh God😥😥 he abuse ur blood sister my friend so end everything with him. Such man lack self control and respect. What sort of libido is that? Now it will be tagged “the devil’s work” this might continue after marriage and is that how you want to spend the rest of ur life in misery¿ Quit and wait for a better man


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