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Police arrests 50 years old man in Gombe state for defiling, impregnating and infecting a 14 years old girl with HIV


Gombe State Police command arrested a 50-year-old man of Poli, a village in Yamaltu Deba LGA of the state after he allegedly ra.ped, impregnated, and infected a 14-year-old girl with HIV.

The suspect, Hamza Musa was arrested at Kwadon market on Monday where he was selling local sweets (alewa) by officials of the Kwadon branch of the State Social Welfare Office.

The girl (name withheld), who hawks local beverages at the village, was discovered to be six weeks pregnant and also found to be HIV positive after her father Malam Abdullahi of the same village took her to a hospital in Kwadon for medical check-up when she was sick.

A source said that when medical personnel at the hospital failed to convince her to reveal the person responsible for her pregnancy, they handed her over to the officials of the Kwadon office of the social welfare office, who subsequently arrested the first suspect, one Hamza Musa.

Head of Kwadon office of the social welfare, Malam Abdullahi Maina, said after thorough investigations, they arrested seven other suspects who were also alleged to be sleeping with the girl, who hawk local beverages in the village.

Maina said two of the suspects from Kuri village, two from Poli village and three from Kwadon town, all confessed to having affair with the girl, and they were tested and found to be HIV negative.

The first suspect, Hamza Musa confessed to the crime and blamed the devil for pushing him to perform the act.

The suspects were reportedly released on bail.


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