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Police – No reported ra.pe Cases at Flavour’s Concert in Enugu State


The Police in Enugu State command disclosed that they are not aware of any reported cases of ra.pe during a live musical show that was organized by Nigerian Highlife Singer Flavour, at Michael Okpara Square, in Enugu, on Saturday night. Reports, which came out from social media, that about 20 ladies were all ra.ped at Flavour’s musical concert.

The Enugu State Police Command had revealed earlier that an anonymous person was detained while trying to ra.pe an unknown lady at the concert.

According to Punch, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, The spokesman for the Command, had also revealed that the mass ra.pe report cases were being investigated.

However, Amaraizu also informed journalists in Enugu on Wednesday that the investigations have not disclosed any case of ra.pe during the musical concert.

According to him, in spite the allegations of mass ra.pe at Flavour’s concert, the police had not gotten any report of ra.pe that is related to the event.

The police spokesman doubted the various reports of the alleged mass ra.pe.

Noting that policemen were called on to provide security at the venue of Flavour concert, Amaraizu described the reports of mass ra.pe as ‘unfounded’.

“The newspaper report (of the mass ra.pe), which is based on a twitter message is unfounded and we cannot operate on speculations as a law enforcement agency.

“Till now, nobody has come forward to report any case of se.xual assault or molestation and ra.pe to the Command.

“However, our doors in the Command, divisional headquarters and stations all over the state are open for anybody or group to make a report and we will take it up from there by doing further investigation.

“There is no reported case of ra.pe (from the musical concert) anywhere in the Enugu State Police Command.

“We don’t have any incident arising from that event. Whoever that has any should come forward, and we will look at it,” he said.

“Wondering how reports emerged that about 20 ladies were ra.ped,” Amaraizu said,

“You even begin to ask yourself, those people that quoted number of the ra.pe victims as 20, how did they do the counting? Does it mean they were following the rapists around and taking the data? Or the victims were assembled at one place and ra.ped? Who are these victims?”


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