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Police Has Shot a Pregnant Woman dead in Benue Internally Displaced Person’s Camp


Mobile Police officers that were being deployed to the camp of the IDP situated at Daudu, Guma Local Government Area of Benue State, have killed a pregnant woman.

The pregnant woman, by name Mrs. Queen Zoho, was murdered during a protest that was carried out by some youths against the manhandling of an Okada rider by mobile policemen.

During press time, the victim dead body was still at the Daudu police station near the IDP camp, while the men were later taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

It was reported that the Late Woman had been staying in the IDP camp since the crisis began and was unable to go to her home as the communities have been taken by the insurgency.

Sources at the incident scene told reporters that the policemen had stopped an Okada rider and asked him to show them his papers, and he had to go to his apartment to get it.

The source added that when he arrived with his papers, the policemen still doesn’t want to free his motorcycle back to him, which led to the dispute between them before the police officers started maltreating the man with the butt of their guns.

This scene was what have attracted onlookers and passers-by, but the police officer, shot a bullet, killing a pregnant woman at the spot and two other men during the process.

Mother of the deceased, Mrs. Paulina Zoho, informed said her daughter had gone to fetch water when she was informed of the police brutality.

She said when the deceased finally returned to the Internally Displaced Person’s camp, she went to the scene to join other protesting refugees against the injustice by the police officers when she was felled by the bullets of their guns.

“We were staying in Kogi State, but only came home for holidays, when we were caught in the herdsmen attacks on our community, who destroyed all our properties. There is no hope for us to return home as the communities are still under siege,” Mrs Zoho lamented.

The Benue State Commissioner of Police, when contacted, however, denied the claim of any person that was killed at the IDP Camp. He then added that he had directed his PPRO, Moses Yamu, to issue a statement on the issue.


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