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Police spokesperson says siege at Saraki’s residence was stage managed for public sentiments


Spokesperson of the Nigeria police force, Jimoh Moshood, was a guest in Channels TV this morning where he insinuated that the siege at the residence of Senate President Bukola Saraki was “stage-managed for public sentiments” yesterday Tuesday July 24th.

Accoridng to Jimoh, the force did not give any directive for a seige to be laid at Saraki’s home

“We have the responsibility to protect him so we can’t block him. If we were expecting him at 8am, why should we block him? What happened yesterday was not a blockade by the security personnel from the force. The personnel seen in the footage are those attached (to) the convoy of the senate president and to his residence. Those you see are those attached to him.

“The IGP has directed an investigation into the incident. The ADC has been invited, he should be with the principal all the time. So if he is not aware of the whereabouts, we want to know why. Why should we go and block an empty house?

“The video footage was circulated in the media to embarrass us. These are leaders of the legislature who we have the responsibility to protect. So we should allow the investigation to be completed before we give you the outcome of investigation.”


  1. I wonder, if what Jimoh moshood said was right that the police in front of the Senate president’ house was the police attached to him. These are the questions I asked him (1) How many policemen and women do we have in the whole federation that we assigned that number of police only to senate president saraki. (2) If such is the case, how many policemen and women is assigned to order senate member, Rep’s, governors, government officials and the poor mass. (3)Is there war is Abuja that such policemen will be assigned to him, Bornu state were book haram kill people, you hardly see police protecting the people. Let me stop for now, when these questions is answered. I have others questions for him. If not, jimoh moshood should stop deceiving themselves thinking that they are deceiving Nigerians. We no the truth. Let him know that one him and his co-hirt in the police will face the consequences.


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