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Political Analyst Tells a Lady – ‘It’s Pathetic To Name Your Child ‘Buhari’


Nigerian political analyst Olorogun Ernest, his tweet has gone viral online, after he rebuked a lady because she named her son ‘Buhari’.

According to Olorogun, it’s very pathetic that an educated lady with so much exposure can name her son ‘Buhari’.

He further shared how a man named his dog Buhari in Ogun State and then he ended up by saying the lady’s son will read history someday.

In his words;

“I don’t want to believe you named your son ‘Buhari’. If this is true then it’s quite pathetic that an educated and exposed lady can do such.

Remember someone in Ogun state once named his dog same name?

Anyway, happy birthday to your one year old Buhari.

He will read history later”

However replying the Political  Analyst, @Zahrahmusa tweeted;

“The name Buhari brings out the demons living in some people. It’s unfortunate that this creature @OlorogunErnest had to lash out at a birthday wish for a 1-year-old because the boy’s name is Buhari. You need deliverance Ernest, cos your demons are on public display.”


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