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Could This be Popular Blogger Linda Ikeji’s husband-to-be? (Photos)


A few days ago, news broke out across social platforms that Linda Ikeji has now engaged already and maybe getting married very soon. Now we have photos of the man.

It started as a rumour initially as that would not be the first time that Linda Ikeji would be reported to be engaged to a man. But the news was confirmed by her sister, Laura and Sandra Ikeji immediately, who went to their various social media to celebrate their elder sister Linda Ikeji.

Before that day came to an end, other celebrities congratulated the wife-to-be, whom a lot of celebrities consider to have been fully ready for marriage.

Now there was a speculation that started who the lucky man is. Although it was stated that Linda Ikeji’s fiance used to be her ex and he stays outside of the country – the United States to be precise. But no adequate information is known about his identity.

In fact, in some speculations, some people said it might be the popular American Media Personality, Dan Foster, who used to date her before they broke up after Linda discovered he was married with kids.

Other people’s opinion that the lucky man is Don Jazzy. Don Jazzy had always made his love known to Linda Ikeji publicly and people believed that he could be her fiance.

A photo of Don Jazzy later appeared on social media and the producer could be seen in a sad mood displaying his loss over his long-time crush.

Presently, the identity of the real man has been disclosed.

This came after Linda Ikeji’s younger sister Sandra uploaded a photo of a cute man who could possibly be Linda Ikeji’s fiance and captioned it:

Hes sooo fine. Pop the question already babes. My answer is YES! Lol if my sister cashh me ehh. My in-law is so fine, so calm, Love you.

Though we don’t know his name yet, but we believe with time his name will soon be revealed.


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