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President Buhari Finally Speaks on Obasanjo’s Open Letter


President Buhari finally voices out concerning the letter Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo sent to him in January while he was speaking in Bauchi during an organized state banquet.

In the letter, he asked President Buhari to forget about re-contesting in 2019, saying doing so is as if he’s trying the patience of Nigerians.

According to TheCable, President Buhari said he wanted to keep quiet concerning the letter but Lai Mohammed who is the Minister of Information, convinced him that the federal government ought to give their response.

He said after his initial reluctance, he agreed to Mohammed’s wish after an agreement had been reached that the minister would not mention Olusegun Obasanjo’s name in his response.

Buhari said;

“Tonight, I want to remind you people of what Lai Mohammed did when a letter was written on our failure as an administration. Lai Mohammed was agitated about replying but I said no. I said no for two reasons: one, he is much younger than the person who wrote the letter and myself; two, he is from the same constituency as the person who wrote the letter.


“But when Mohammed came again, I said he should go out but he said he won’t go. I asked why and he said let me give him a chance to say what he wanted, then I said go on. He said in what he would do, he would not mention names but only try to remind Nigerians what the country was when we came in, where we are now, and what we have done with the resources available to us.

“Eventually, I had to admit that he was right and I was wrong because a number of people who could get in touch with me have said that Lai did a good job. A lot of them are in the media… I am very happy with the performance of our party, the All Progressive Congress.”

Buhari also went down memory lane to narrate how the “betrayal” of some of his former political associates informed his insistence on finding a credible platform that would enable him “rescue the country”.

“I will like to go down some historical antecedents so that people can assess. When we were in the APP, I went through an impartial primary and I won the ticket. I think for the third or fourth time and while I was in court because I felt I was ready to be president, the person who was to be my vice-president, allowed himself to be appointed by the presidency,” he said.

“The chairman and vice-chairman of the party accepted; even when I was still in court as a presidential candidate. That’s why I got out and formed the CPC; when we realized that if we don’t work together, that is the opposition parties, and wrestle power from the PDP, this country would have sunk.”


  1. What are indices used in determining a successful governance? I believe that if we vote out a leader and vote in another, it is not for the new leader to fight the former, or tell us his ills. But, we vote the leader to better what the one we voted out destroyed and more especially, for him to not disappoint our believe and trust in him the way the one we voted out “did”. If these cannot be recorded as part of the achievements made by the leader, then, success is very far from such leadership.


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