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Presidential election was marred with rigging – Bishop Oyedepo


Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church, aka Winners Chapel, has spoken about the last presidential and National Assembly elections, which he said was marred with widespread rigging.

Speaking during the Sunday service at the Church headquarters in Ota, Ogun State, the Bishop prayed Nigeria would not experience another war as a result of the remaining elections, but mocked the irregularities that riddled the election in some polling units.

Oyedepo said: “Other developed countries around the world had developed their mode of voting into a digitised method, but it’s a shame that in Nigeria, we still queue up to vote, and somebody would still be intimidated by thugs. With these, it’s a shame how politicians in this part of the world are proud of elections marred with rigging.”

“In Covenant University, any student caught indulging in examination malpractice, is gone. It does not matter if his or her father is the head of United Nations or not.”

He, however prayed that there won’t be any bloodbath in any part of Nigeria as a result of the forthcoming governorship and House of Assembly elections, saying: “Every spirit of thuggery in Nigeria shall be silenced and every forces that would not let Nigeria rest shall be laid to rest and silenced forever.”


  1. Mr Omisore Olukunle, please ask for guidance if you do not know a thing. In the Bible, God appointed His prophets right from the beginning of creation, to Watch over His Nation and His people, as well as guide those governing along the line of righteousness so as to make them God-fearing, protecting and caring for the people of God (all mortals are His creatures), and not killing them and impoverishing them for whatever reason. Hence in our land, our Fathers of Faith, genuinely called by God are saddled with that responsibility to be the oracles of God, and that is why Bishop David Oyedepo, has been in the forefront of the cry against the demonic, terrorist, divisive, ethno-religious inclinations and activities of the Muhammad Buhari-led APC government that has been killing Christians and Shiite Muslims in the country, and trying to wipe out the IGBO race, and so turning Nigeria into the most barbaric Nation in the World. What do you say to the case of Lear Sharibu, the now 16-year old christian, female student of Dapchi school whom the Boko Haram monstruous terrorists refused to release about a year ago (while they released all other girls, all Muslims), and president Buhari has failed to get her released by Boko Haram while he, Buhari, as part of his connivance with the terrorists, has not for once prosecuted or killed any of the terrorists (all those arrested were later released). Is it that monstrous president that you want Nigerians to accept in our modern-day democracy? I assure you that you Muslim or Christian, or pastors or Imams that fail to speak out against, and still support these demons called APC politicians and their demonised mogul called president, for pecuniary gains, will go to hell fire. So, I appeal to all enlightened and articulate Nigerians, the labour unions, women groups and students to stage a Nation-wide protest against the shameful rigging of the February 23 presidential and National Assembly elections, by the combined force of the INEC, the Nigerian Army, EFCC, DSS and APC thugs and National leaders. And we should call on INEC to declare ATIKU ABUBAKAR and PETER OBI whom we voted for and won clearly as shown in the published authentic electoral figures on 27th February (video recorded result sheets in various polling units across the federation), as our next President and Vice President. We Nigérians should also call for an immediate restoration of our Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Ononghen, suspended by president Buhari a few days to the February 16 date for the presidential election, in order to perfect his election rigging plan. Nigerians let’s say ‘No’ to these APC moguls -Buhari, Tinubu, El-Rufai, Amaechi, Okorocha, Lai Muhammed, and the INEC chairman, etc., all of whom have no integrity, and want to outdo Abacha by intalling an Islamic caliphate in Nigeria. God bless us Nigérians as we rise to claim back our mandate given to ATIKU ABUBAKAR and PETER OBI, as our president and vice president. God bless Bishop Davi Otedepo, and other fearless, uncompromising Pastors and Apostles of the Living God. AMEN

  2. this man of God should leave politics for the politicians…an face the flocks….rather declare himself as one of the PDP Member.How many of his Church members can afford his university tuition?


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