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There are Presidents,and there are President – Ben Bruce trolls Buhari


Common sense senator, Ben Murray Bruce has this to say about Buhari’s administration with regards to what they have achieved in the past three years.

Read his tweet below


  1. The no- nonsense senator that the is comparing Buhari with Trump did not ask himself if the type of National Assembly in the US is the same as selfish ,looting Assembly in Nigeria. He did not ask himself if Trump faces the type of stiff opposition Buari is facing with the National Assembly, the PDP looters, the men of God and Christians who are beneficiaries of the Jonathan squandered State money. He was alive when Jonathan was ruling, did he compare him with Barak Obama.? At that time he himself was busy collecting 200million naira from him for his entertainment business. Has he returned the money? It is very easy to compare one president with another without comparing the terrain on which they rule. Whatever anybody does is what lives behind them. PDP member always blame the govt for blaming them for our present state situation. Can no-nonsense senator tell us how he will move his Silverbird Business up if he did not recount how it performed in the previous years?. Who ever takes baton of leadership will always refer to the performance of the person who handed him the baton. That Is normal. So there is nothing wrong in the Buhari administration making reference to the previous performance of Ebele Jonathan. The problem with PDP and why they are bothered is that their Party does not have anything good as performance that they can be remembered by. And the same thing that had been trailing them is what they are still doing now in the National Assembly. They don’t want their wrongs to be mentioned but it is so enormous that they cannot be swept under the carpet or be forgotten in a hurry. I am happy that not many people believe or even take whatever comes out of the no-nonsense senator seriously. There was hope for some of us when he became senator but he soon joined and became one of them – the money mongers.


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