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Read what El Rufai’s son Bashir said about the Igbos and Biafran war


Kaduna state governor’s son, Bashir El Rufai described the coup done to a particular region of the country many years ago as sweet revenge. In his posts, which many Nigerians has described as hate speech, Bashir also said that those calling for justice are hypocrites.

Nigerians on Twitter who believed he was referring to the Biafran war in which an estimated two million people lost their lives.

Read his post below;


  1. Bashir or what ever you call your name a day is coming when you and your father will enter the gallow you digg for innocent people OK, continue with your hate words, continue hating some region Hmmmmmmmmm a day of regreat us coming a day that the blood of those that you and your father killed will demand for justice.

  2. El -rufai is a snake and he has to breed another snake , Bashir. Northern Nigeria will continue to be hot until it will consume those finance and sponsor the killing of innocent people. The blood of the innocent is crying daily asking God for judgement. No military might stop the pain the North until they repent of killing people. Mr Bashir, What is happening in the North is an act of divine revenge and it is delicious. It will soon be your father and your turn. fools


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