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Reason why some people hate me – Davido


Singer Davido shared his opinion on why people hate him.

He said this while responding to a Twitter user, who tweeted that ”Davido doesn’t deserve the amount of hate he gets”.

See the tweet and his response below;


  1. He is innocent but Nigerians don’t want to know that ,so long your dad is politician,or once a politician nigerians lose respect for such person , because they believe you don’t know ,see,or feel their pains.especially the poor ,it’s a long way to prove you are different,only patient be focused and doing what you can do to show love some day ,we will all know and see you truely have a good heart,
    I was once in that shoe ,but your love for your kids and chioma changed all my thoughts about you.

  2. The truth about this if you ask me ,this hate is not directed to him but to his political family,Nigerians have always seen our political leaders as criminals,who feed on the poor ,missuse public fund for their own selfish reasons
    Sorry davido about this but that Nigeria for you,their is a price to pay for everything.
    The popular igbenidions daughter experienced the same ,when she started her show.
    That’s the problem ,the sins of the father’s.


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