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Reno Omokri – ”A Girlfriend That You Sleep With and Financially Maintain is Nothing More Than a Prostitute”


Reno Omokris nuggets are always heavy and today’s is very different.

According to Reno, a girlfriend that you have se.x with and financially maintain is just like a prostitute.

Read the morning dosage of his nuggets below…

Do not follow your feelings. Let your feelings follow you. Do not act how you feel. Act how you want to feel and the feeling will come. When you get up in the morning, don’t wait to see what your mood will be. Tell yourself what mood you want and act it out #RenosNuggets

Words can be beautiful and it is easy to be swayed by beautiful words, but before you do, remember that beautiful words are not always true and true words are not always beautiful. Many people are miserable in their marriage because they did not know this fact #RenosNuggets

Always lend money to people you don’t want to hang around you. They will never pay you back and will start avoiding you. The loan is a small price to pay for your peace of mind and ease of body #RenosNuggets

Dear men, A girlfriend that you sleep with and financially maintain is nothing more than a prostitute on retainer. In fact, the proper word for such a girl is not a girlfriend. It is girl customer #RenosNuggets

Dear men The more your wife prays, the more your life pays. The more your wife slays, the more your life strays. Don’t underestimate the power of a praying wife. Only your parents’ prayer is more potent than your wife’s prayer #RenosNuggets

It takes an effort to become wise, but it does not take an effort to become old. Start applying the effort to obtain wisdom when you are young so that gray hair will not be the only sign that you are old #RenosNuggets

Your wife should not just be your partner in bed. More importantly, she should be your partner in achieving success. That‘s why you should never partner in marriage with a woman whose only knowledge of money is how to spend it. Such women are partners in destruction #RenosNuggets


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