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Rivers state Gov. Nyesom Wike raises alarm on alleged plan by FG to frame him up


Rivers state Governor, Barr. Nyesom Wike, has alleged that the Federal government is planning to use a Lebanese man to frame him up.

Speaking at the thanksgiving Service in honor of the chairman of Rivers State Local Government Service Commission, Chief Azubuike Nmerukini at St Thomas Anglican Church, Diobu yesterday June 10th, Governor Wike said he got information that the Federal government will ask the Lebanese man to say that he, the Governor contracted him to provide arms and ammunitions ahead of the 2019 general election.

Governor Wike stated emphatically that he has not contracted anybody to do such and that when the frame up materializes, Nigerians should know he had spoken out about it earlier.

”The Federal Government has arranged with a Lebanese to say that I told him to buy arms for the purpose of the forthcoming elections. I am not close to any Lebanese, let alone give money to anyone to buy arms for elections. We have dutifully served our people and we don’t need to purchase arms for elections. If elections are held 20,000 times, we will win because our projects have positively impacted the lives of our people.” he said

The Governor also stated that the Federal Government is also planning to sponsor crisis in Rivers State ahead of the 2019 general elections, for the state’s election to be postponed. He said the target is to use security agencies for rigging purposes.

“They plan to cause so much crisis in the state so that Rivers election is held on a separate date. Their plot will fail . Rivers election will hold same day with that of other states. He also said


  1. What is Nigeria turning into? Are we sure we love Nigeria with all the inhuman treatment we have melted to her. Whatever we do, please bear in mind that tomorrow will reveal all the works of our hand. Whatsoever we sow we will reap. Remember those who have lived before now, and all that they have done have replayed again and again. If you lead well, it is to your honour, and if you lead or rule with wickedness you will also reap. Let history teach us a lesson. Nothing last for ever no matter how long you stay on the throne. We are mortals and and day we will be gone. Think about it. As you read this short write up, let it influence you to be a better person, a better leader so that the future will justify you. Thanks.

    • The most blessed and wise comment/words I have ever read on the internet as regards happenings in this nation for a long time. I wish they, no, we have the wisdom to listen, understand and act wisely. Long live the writer, Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!


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