Home News Rochas looted Imo state massively for 8 years – Governor Ihedioha

Rochas looted Imo state massively for 8 years – Governor Ihedioha


Governor Ihedioha accused his predecessor, Rochas Okorocha on Thursday of “massive looting” and leaving Imo state with over N100 billion debt through corruption and mindless misappropriation of funds.

The Imo State Governor in his address to Imo stakeholders, alleged that his newly constituted government recently received a N30 billion worth of Garnishee Orders from contractors handling fraudulently awarded contracts by Okorocha’s government.

While talking about the unsustainable debt his predecessor’s alleged eight years of misrule plunged the state into, Governor Ihedioha said;

Our interim findings show a consistent pattern of massive looting and stripping of public assets, dismantling and carting away of public property such as electric poles, vehicles, trucks, office equipment and furniture etc.

“There were last-minute illegal sales of government property at giveaway prices and unlawful allocation of land including backdating of Certificates of Occupancy.

“I must inform you in this regard that, so far we have received over 30 billion Naira worth of Garnishee Orders arising from several ill-conceived and fraudulent contractual agreements deliberately consummated by the past administration, to destroy the future of the State and its teeming population by fettering the State in a humongous debt trap.”


  1. Be there and be complaining about Rochas and leave work that you’re meant to be doing, most of your colleagues have gone far in establishing their blueprint, all you’ve been doing since you took over the mantle of leadership in IMO state is rochas this and rochas that, atimes i wonder if you were actually ready for governance, you will soon clock 100days in office and 4 years will soon be staring at you and all you will show imolite is Rochas looting, i pity you

    • God bless you @Robstark ,this is what am trying to write. He was in the NA what did he do and how much did he loot too? I hate politicians complaining about their prodecessor instead of just doing theirs like late Yaraddua will say,” We will do what we can do for our people in our time to create our own good and fair image irrespective of the past in the present but to make the future…”…work if u want to work and forget what happened. Do urs…..
      Ibrahim Musa…kano


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