Home News Rochas Okorocha gave Imo State Corpers Money at Their POP

Rochas Okorocha gave Imo State Corpers Money at Their POP


Rochas Okorocha has made it known that each of the 1,542 Corpers that passed out in the state on Thursday, April 12, 2018, should be given N10,000 so that they can be able to transport themselves back to their various states.

Miss Umetawara Lorita Ebere, the best serving corp member, received N200,000 and a job to work in any Ministry of her choice that she like.

Here is what Governor Rochas Okorocha told the Batch A Stream I corpers at their passing out parade at the Heroes Square:

“Let me congratulate all of you for your passing out today as graduates and not only as graduates but as graduates who have served their father land. Today, you have been decorated with a new laurel of Patriotism and National Service.

The idea of the NYSC is to make you a patriotic Nigerian and for you to remember your fatherland anytime and anywhere you’re called.

I’m proud to say that the corpers in Imo State have done well and have served Imo State well. But now that you are about to leave the state I have only one piece of advice for all of you and that is to say, do not join the millions of Nigerians seeking for white-collar jobs.

If I were you, I would look inwards and be your own bosses and develop yourselves with the knowledge you have acquired in the University.

This will make you great as there are no more white-collar jobs anywhere now that you can find.

There are great heights that you can attain and there are great things that you can do for yourselves. Do not congest the unemployment world.

Try to be your own boss for there is something you can do and can develop alongside your talent. Because every one of you has a special talent which God has deposited in you.

I want to also thank you for the number of months you have stayed in Imo State and there is no complaint of misbehavior of any corper in Imo State, which means that Imo State has the best set of Corpers for this Batch, totaling about one thousand five hundred and forty-two corpers.”


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