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Sanusi Lamido heads to court to challenge his removal as Emir


Deposed Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,  vowed to challenge his banishment in court.

His lawyer, A. B Mahmoud, a former president of the Nigerian Bar Association  NBA made this known.

While speaking to newsmen today March 10th, Mahmoud said the ousted monarch was not served any arrest warrant when he was whisked out of the palace on Monday by a group of security officers. 

Mahmoud said the Kano Emirate Court Law 2019 does not empower the Kano State Executive to banish Sanusi. He pointed out that the dethronement and banishment of Sanusi, a former CBN governor, is a ”violation of his human rights.”

“We have the directives of the emir through his chief of staff, Munir Sanusi to challenge the legality of dethronement and banish of the Emir. We have to receive any directives to challenge his dethronement, but we have been directed to challenge his banishment”he said

Mahmoud called on the Inspector General of Police and Director General of the Department of the State Security to “immediately and unconditionally release the His Highness.”

Sanusi was dethroned by the state government on Monday over what was described as his total disregard for the office of the Kano state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje. He was banished to Loko community in Nasarawa state but has now been moved to Awe community which is still in Nasarawa state. 


    There is no doubt in my mind that The Emir of Kano was a victim of sinister conspiracy between the Federal might and State agents. Alhaji Sanusi Lamido is a man of honour and integrity. He is a threat to those who kill the truth. There is no justification and breaking down the Ancient Kano Emirate into six small independent emirates just weaken the power of the Ancient Kano Emirate. I am sorry for our nation, Nigeria. The APC government will be overwhelmingly rejected in 2023. The government is leavings so many trails of insincerity and impunity is surfacing again. The truth is not one of the friends of APC government. See what is going on at the top echelon of the Party. The PDP government lost out because impunity and now APC is pursuing impunity. There is no reason to remove Alhaji Sanusi Lamido as the Emir of Kano. There is no traditional or customary justification for breaking down the Ancient Kano Emirate into Six small and weak Emirates. Those behind this decision shall face the wrath of the Almighty Allah. This is not a political institution and politicians are forbidden from politicizing the affairs of the Great Ancient Emirate. Governor Ganduje erred in all ramification and shall be judged by the land of Kano. He is a subject of the Emirate and his role is to preserve and protect the integrity of the Emirate. The law crooked up by the Kano State house was illegal. The Emirate was not created by political laws but by traditional and religious dictates to honour Allah. “CRY MY BELOVED NATION” The country Nigeria is gradually getting into the valley day by day. Our President and the National Assembly has a duty to play here and restore the Emirate to its old glory. The consequences of the Kano State government action will be the wrath of God upon this nation. So be it.

  2. This serves as a warning to others. Sanusi as CBN governor was given free hand to serve the nation, the freedom which he abused and use to enrich himself and his friends and to champion the cause of Islamic government by establishing Islamic jaize bank and lied against president Jonathan to force a regime change in favor of his fellow Fulani Muslim. He should not complain, he deserves no sympathy from any one, for the evil that men do live with them and after them.


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