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Scrap bride price culture – actress Toni Tones


Nollywood actress, Toni Tones shared her opinion on the “bride price” culture which is predominant in Africa. 

In a tweet she shared, the actress said the culture should be scrapped, as women are not property.

Toni Tones tweeted; 

Scrap bride price culture. Women are not property to be and sold.


  1. Bride price can’t be scrapped, all culture and religion attached importance to it as a sign of commitment in its spiritual form for the man to treat d wife justly and d sign on d part of the woman that he has a head that she should be submissive to in all ramifications. Bride price is d seal of this commitment from both side.
    What u need to advocate is a reduction drastically
    and be made offordable.

  2. Bride prize is a commitment on the part of the groom that he wants to be in marriage relationship with the bride. It is the authority the man has over the woman to call her his wife. It has spiritual undertone. It cannot be scrap, but can be reduced especially the area where some people charge exorbitantly.


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