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See Nnamdi Kanu’s reaction to the suspension of Chief Justice of Nigeria



  1. This is a show of tyranny in our Country, Nigeria. Buhari has exhibited the highest level of impunity. By his actions, he has decimated the Legislature. He is no the judiciary. These are the arm of government that should make the governance of our country be directed by separation of power. When the executive dictates all, where is the democracy and it beauty? Buhari’s government in Nigeria have demonstrated and displayed the attributes of a tyrant, despot, fascist and a dictator. Who will save our country from a person who fights everyone in the name of common patrimony? He claims he is struggling with power to secure for his Hausa/Fulani tribes and Northern Region what they do not have. Nepotism of the highest order. He is power drunk to think that CCT instruction on suspension of Onnegen as Chief Justice of the Federation is sufficient to warrant his action. Who is deceived? His action is pre-meditative and every discerning mind knows it. Buhari shall be out of government one day or die after his unmerited second tenure – Nigeria will survive him. His generation will suffer the consequences of his actions. Known fascist of the past paid different prices for impunity committed during their arrogated power periods. He will not be an exception.

    • It is national disgrace for the writer to attack the person legally elected to occupy the office of the President and Commander In Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces. I am surprised to read all shades of opinions and criticism over the suspension of the Chief Justice of the Federation. Where were the Oby Ezekwesilis when President Olusegun Obasanjo destroyed the whole nation of Odi? Where were the Ekot Udoamah them when PPPresident Goodluck Jonathan removed the incubent PDP National Chairman , Prince Ogbolafor by trumping up a charge N300m against him and forced him to resign his position as the PDP National Chairman? Where the Malam Nnamdi Kanu, when Speaker Bankole Balogun was threatened with arrest and EFCC and DSS operatives raided his official residence just to forestall the possibility him influencing the selection his successor in the House leadership. What is so special about Chief Justice of the Federation? Is he above the law? Many of those opposing Mr. Presidency are mostly who weren’t lucky to be included in the Administration of PMB. Please, give me a break. If you work harder, you shall blessed.


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