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See the deplorable state of a secondary school in Imo state – photos


Public attention has been drawn to the deplorable state of the Obizi Community secondary school in Ezinihite LGA, Imo state, Nigeria.

Students of the school arebeing taught in dilapidated buildings or under trees. The buildings are in a very shape, that when it rains, water gets into the classrooms.

The classrooms lack adequate furniture and some students are forced to stand while being taught.

The surroundings of the school are no better. Overgrown grasses can be seen creeping up the walls of the school building.

According to LIB, a staff of the institution got in contact with them, and appealed for intervention from good-willed Nigerians. He revealed to LIB that there are no functioning libraries or classrooms. As a result, he said students are exposed to a number of risks including ra.pe and abduction of students.

Appealing for help to rebuild the school up to standard, the staff told LIB: “We are appealing to good Nigerians to come and assist us rebuild this school and bring back standard education to the poor community.”

See more photos below;

Source – LIB


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