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See the worst governor in Nigeria, results from twitter poll



  1. Apart from Lagos, every state Governor is lazy and worse, they have no plans, only future plans to re-contest. Since the inception of Nigeria we always have visions, vision 2010, vision 2015 vision 2020 which have any accomplished? All Governors in Nigeria are selfish.

  2. Please tell Yahaya Bello That he can not do better than this because its a stollen mandate he found himself in as staged managed by his God Fathers in Abuja. Oh yes he cannot pay salaries of workers under him yet he lavishly spends Kogi State Govt Resouces with abient reckless and unneccessary projects that gives no economic gain to the State. What an eye sore all connecting roads in the state are bad, yet Yahaya built for himself in his native Okene the best house what a pity that Kogi with all the endowment God has given the State we still allow men that have no aspiration to turn the state around positvely to govern us. What a shame Jigawa is more better than Kogi State, then what do we have to say Yahaya wake up and stop the slumber.


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