Home News Senate president Bukola Saraki’s tenure comes to an end

Senate president Bukola Saraki’s tenure comes to an end


President of the 8th National Assembly, Bukola Saraki presided over the last plenary session today and shared this piece as his valedictory post.

In his words, Saraki wrote, ‘today, we held the final Senate plenary. It is a victory in itself that we are seeing the journey to its momentous end. It is a testament to what people can do when they come together for the greater good. This is also one of those occasions when the Supreme Creator reminds us, once again, that power does not reside in any one person’.

‘The pieces of legislation we passed in the crucial areas and arenas affecting the daily lives of citizens – on the economy, in education, security, anti-corruption, health and so on – will remain a benchmark. Working together, we clocked many firsts in the 8th Senate, and we should rightly be proud of these, especially as they are imperishable legacies.


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