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Senator Chris Anyanwu Releases a Statement on her position regarding the N700 million Saga


This statement clarifies the position of Senator Chris Anyanwu following a series of enquiries by journalists, friends and well wishers, nationally and internationally, regarding newspaper stories today linking her name with collection or distribution of N700million allegedly given to Imo State PDP to prosecute the 2015 presidential election in the state.

For the record, Senator Anyanwu was neither a party official nor the Presidential campaign coordinator for Imo State and therefore was in no position to collect or distribute funds for and on behalf of the party or indeed the candidate.
Consequently, let it be stated without ambiguity that Senator Chris Anyanwu did not witness the collection of any money belonging to the PDP for the purpose of prosecuting the 2015 Presidential Elections in Imo State and therefore could not have been involved in its distribution in any form, directly or indirectly.
Senator Anyanwu visited the EFCC offices in Enugu and made this position clear to the officials and was allowed to go home.
It is true that Senator Anyanwu was at some point nominated as one of two “persons of integrity” to oversight certain aspects of the activities of the Presidential Campaign Team in Imo State but she was never given the opportunity to play this role. Consequently, she was completely sidelined and shielded from all financial transactions and discussions.
Senator Chris Anyanwu did not collect any money for the 2015 elections from any bank and she did not witness the collection of any money by anybody from such a bank.
It is not beyond the investigative skills of the EFCC to track the alleged disbursements in order to arrive at the truth about who collected what, where, when and how.
She will also be happy to assist the EFCC with whatever information at her disposal to help the process of getting to the truth about campaign funding for Imo State



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