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Seyi Makinde begs Rasheed Ladoja – Don’t dump PDP


One of the Peoples Democratic Party’s governorship aspirants in Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, has appealed to a leader of the party in the state, Rashidi Ladoja, not to dump the party.

Issues surrounding the harmonization of the executives of the party in the aftermath of two state congresses held by factions of the party have been tearing the Oyo PDP apart.

Ladoja had threatened to leave the party with his supporters during a radio programme monitored in Ibadan on Monday, citing what he described as impunity within the PDP as a reason.

He also reiterated his stance that there was only one recognized Congress of the party in the state.

“There was only one state congress held as far as I am concerned and Alhaji Kunmi Mustapha emerged as the chairman. The issue of the state executive being shared 14 and 12 (between two factions of the party) does not even arise at all. There is and there will be nothing like that.

“It was impunity that drove us from the PDP and if they allow the impunity to return, we will leave the party for them. Wherever there is impunity, you will not find me there,” he said during the programme.

But in a statement issued by the Seyi Makinde Organisation and signed by Dotun Oyelade, Makinde reminded the former governor of his leadership role and the collective desire of Oyo State people for a change of baton in 2019.

He said the harmonization issue was blown out of proportion as it remained the best move to unite members of the party in the state.

Makinde said, “I am privileged to be referred to as one of your political sons and which you confirmed on the radio programme two days ago. Therefore as a true son of a valiant father, I hereby humbly but strongly appeal to you not to contemplate leaving the house that we are jointly trying to roof, just before the rainy season.

“Such a decision, coming from a tested leader will leave the people confused as a majority of party members and indeed the masses in the state are already excited about the prospect of genuine regime change that will fulfill its electoral promises and respect institutions and elders.

“The issue of harmonization of party executives which is being blown out of proportion appears to be the most realistic arrangement to actualize our objective because political expediency narratives are determined by circumstances on the ground.”

Makinde said that the PDP at the national level learned a bitter lesson in 2015 because of the imposition of candidates and executives, stressing that to avoid a repeat of the crisis, it was important to have an all-inclusive state executive.

“It became imperative for the National Working Committee to ensure an all-inclusive state executive is put in place to avoid going to war with a divided army. Like others, who desire positive change via the PDP under your leadership in the state, I strongly believe no single tendency can do it all alone,” he added.

Source: The Punch


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