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Shatta Wale “Timaya isn’t a dancehall artiste, he should still be selling plantain chips”


Shatta Wale, Who is an Award-winning Ghanaian dancehall artiste isn’t giving up anytime soon, in spite the backlash he has Nigerians has given to him.

it all started when he disclosed this in an interview that Wizkid isn’t a superstar and for this reason, he shouldn’t be regarded higher than Ghanaian Artistes.

“I will not see Wizkid and be stunned, I rather want him to see me and be amazed because I don’t see anything extraordinary about him, even though he claims to the best African artiste.”

He also said Ghanaian artistes should start respecting themselves and stop rating Nigerian artistes higher than them.

Dammy Krane, a Nigerian singer, quickly supported the dancehall artiste, and this has caused mixed reactions among Folks on Social Media.

They described Krane as a traitor of the land, and as such, they passed him on to other countries, See some comments below;

“On behalf of all Nigerians, we hereby offer @dammy_krane to Ghanaian’s as a burnt Offering and to show u that we still got love for u guys no matter what”

“No way On behalf of responsible Ghanaians we reject A thief as burnt offering and send him to Zimbabwe”

“On behalf of Zimbabwe citizens we are too busy with the coup going on, we won’t have anybody available to receive him.. send him back to prison”

“The prison is filled up with prisoners with a good heart. They surely don’t need a new thief from Yaba left. They’ve decided to pass him to the ancestors”

“I’m the spokesman of the ancestral world, we hereby reject this offering and forward him back to Nigeria..”

“Being a first class Nigerian citizen, we hereby reject him and hand him over to the Kenyans. He would fit in their well.”

“Orunmila just posted on his snap that he doesn’t need thieves as burnt offerings that I should on behalf of him send ‘it’ to Liberia.”

“Liberia is busy with the upcoming elections and with all due respect we humbly forward him to Cameroon.”

Shatta Wale didn’t stop his beef with Wizkid. He has continued with Timaya. He described Timaya as a wack singer, who should be selling plantain chips.



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