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A Sick Depraved Man who Carried Out oral se.x on his friend’s dog avoids jail (photos)


A sick depraved who “performed oral se.x” on his friend’s dog and spent all day being in bed with the animal has avoided jail.

48-year-old Scott Turner was the first person to be convicted under a new law banning animal se.x in Ohio, US.

The vile man, caged for more than ten years for se.x crimes involving kids, molested the dog called Athena while taking care of it for a woman, prosecutors said.

He had planned to do it again with his partner and even plotted to recruit a teenage boy that will film the act.

UK SunNews reports that Scott Turner was convicted of having se.xual contact with the animal – a crime that carries a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail.

But Turner got off with five years’ probation at Cleveland Municipal Court.

Judge Michelle Earley also banned him from having any contact with animals.

se.xual predator Scott Turner was said to have confessed to the disgusting se.x session with the dog in letters to his jailed partner.

In one of the letters, Scott said he did not want to share his partner with another man but wouldn’t mind sharing him with a four-legged friend.

He said:

“I’ll share you with a four-legged friend though – I’m really looking forward to experiencing that with you.”

Turner then wrote about recording their se.x together, asking:

“How would you like to have a young guy (teen) video us together?”

In another letter he wrote:

“I’m looking into getting a four-legged friend still but it’s hard to find the right one to get and then there’s the money needed to get it also which I don’t have yet either.”

Last May, the girlfriend of Turner’s flatmate asked him to watch her dog Athena while she went out, according to the letters and prosecutor DanaMarie Pannella.

Turner wrote that he performed oral se.x on Athena – and later told her owner they had spent the day in bed.

Ms. Pannella said Athena acted oddly when she got home.

She constantly licked herself, was scared of human contact and kept barking for no apparent reason.

Her bewildered owner got so worried that she canceled dinner plans that night to tend to her,

Source: UK SunNews reports.


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