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Slay mama Queen Lisa – Once i sleep with a guy his destiny becomes mine, and he will be wretched for life


A slay mama on Facebook who goes by the name ‘Queen Lisa Lisa’ has  just made a shocking revelation about how she possess spiritual powers that absorbs a man’s destiny and blessings after sleeping with her.

She proudly said, ‘once i sleep with a guy, his destiny and success becomes mine, and he’ll be wretched for the rest of his life. Temple queen’.


  1. That suits men right. Like our local dialect would say (orimmili anaghi eri onye ohughi ukwu ya anya) it simply means one can not get drown if one does not get close to the river. Most of our young men are suffering today because of se.xual immorality. Stupid men. May God help our Men. The same thing is also applicable to Women. Please hear it loud se.xual immorality kills desist. Thanks

  2. In fact that is how most women were made. They are like that. The worst is if you sleep with them out of marriage, you are as good as a dead man


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