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Soldiers Chains a Civilian Man to a Motorcycle In Lagos, and drag Him On Street


Lukman Lambo, an electronic dealer in Ikorodu may have to undergo a surgery to regain the use of his left eye, Punchng reports.

The injury he sustained was giving to him by soldiers, who also dragged him on the street. The girlfriend of one of the soldiers had a dispute with Lukman Lambo’s younger brother, Saheed.

Saheed and the lady, by name Dasola, were neighbours on Itulubajo Lane, Alhaji Street, Ikorodu. It was learned that the duo was having an affair, until a few weeks ago when they had a quarrel over money which strained their relationship.

It was gathered that some residents clashed around 11 am on Saturday, November 11, in the house where Saheed lives and Dasola went to watch the altercation.

Saheed was said to have rebuked her for poking her nose into a situation that did not concern her. At about 5 pm on that day, Dasola reportedly led her soldier boyfriend in company with three other soldiers to Saheed’s residence.

The soldiers did not meet Saheed at home, but they descended on his elder brother, Lukman, who was on a visit. The victim revealed that one of the soldiers believed to be Dasola’s boyfriend rained blows on his face.

He said he was handcuffed to a motorcycle while one of the soldiers rode the bike and dragged him on the street. Lukman said the soldiers left him when blood started coming out from his eyes. .

The case was reported at the Igbogbo Police Station and Dasola was arrested. Saheed explained that a week before the incident, he had taken Dasola to an inn in the community.

He said after the date, he gave her N1,500, but she rejected it, insisting that she would collect N2,500. Saheed said, “She later collected the N1,500, but tore my clothes.

Afterwards, she would abuse me whenever she saw me. On Saturday, November 11, my friends fought in our compound and she came. I told her she was nosy. We abused each other and she left and later came back with the soldiers to intimidate me.”


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