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Sowore’s rearrest in court was staged – President Buhari media aide , Lauretta Onochie


President Buhari’s aide on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie, says re-arrest of Omoyele Sowore in court was staged by Sowore’s supporters. She said this in a post on her Facebook.

Read whats she wrote below;


So it was a stage managed drama in the court yesterday; Sowore pinned down by his supporters in a courtroom in order to give DSS a bad name.

There was no gun. No batton. No pinning down. Just plain drama, planned and staged by his boys and girls. Kudos, but every lie has an expiration date.

Many EYEWITNESSES have said DSS was OUTSIDE the courtroom, not inside the courtroom.

 Here’s one more eyewitness account as reported by Adeniyi Adegbomire SAN-

 A friend of mine, Wale Fapohunda, who was in court today when Sowore’s re-arrest was purportedly effected inside the courtroom has this to say about the incident ??:

 “Okay, so I was in court today and here is what happened.

The court had adjourned his matter till 11th Feb next year.

The court called the next matter and proceeding had commenced in respect of the next matter.

Sowore stepped OUT OF THE COURT ROOM and suddenly we heard noises coming from the corridor “leave me alone” “they want to kill me” “they want to kill Sowore” and all that.

 Suddenly Sowore’s people started dragging him with the DSS and they (Sowores team) dragged him into the court room.

 The judge seeing this, rose and went to her chambers.

 The DSS didn’t enter the court room to arrest him rather his supporters dragged him in with the DSS official.

Nobody chased the judge out, she rose and went to her chambers on seeing squabbles.

 The DSS official left the court room and waited for him outside the court.

 Thank you all. Behold my eye witness account”.

Blackmailing government enforcement agencies was how our nation went into decay. It wont work this time. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

 It appears everyone in that drama was part of the drama club. They harassed a Court officer who wanted them out as they were disrupting another court case. A Lawyer who looked bemused with the whole drama was lost for words.

Drama has not helped Dino Melaye. It has not helped Olise Metuh. Drama has not helped Orji Uzo Kalu.

 Drama will not help Sowore because Once you dramatise a lie to the members of the public to attract sympathy, you lose all of that sympathy when they find out you have misled them.

 I’m also of the opinion that the police look into these videos, (I have watched four) and charge those who deliberately misled the general public on this issue.

God bless Nigeria.
Lauretta Onochie.


  1. Just commenting in favor of some1 because U re been paid by them will not take us anywhere, madam be Rational & strategic on matters because I see You commenting all the time without any due remorse it is a sham to motherhood which you happens to be part of.

  2. She is just blabbering and concocting epistles without an in-depth analysis! Every evil propagandist, shall not see the goodness of the land, talkless of glimpsing the glory of God.

  3. Madam Social media, whether Sowore was arrested inside or outside the court room, you have not denied that DSS officials were in the court premises. On that note kindly tell the world why a man that was released for barely 24hours from jail has been detained again. I don’t envy your job.

  4. Your story doesn’t sound believable but we can give you the benefit of the doubt. Within 24hrs, let the Government arrest and prosecute those who are behind this attack on the court.

  5. So why was DSS waiting to arrest him by the staircase. If he is going to be arrested again, it has to be read in the court and the court will hand him over to DSS. Arresting somebody who has been granted bail without the consent of the court is kidnapping. So he was right to have ran back to the court so that the court will know his where about. This your account does not have any meaning MA.


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