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Stop president Buhari from making medical trips – senate to state house officials


Members of the Senate Committee on Federal Character have asked State House officials to restrain President Muhammadu Buhari from making any further medical trips abroad so as to ensure that the State House clinic becomes functional this year.

The Committee gave the warning when the State House Permanent Secretary, Tijani Umar, appeared before the panel to defend the 2021 budget estimates for the statehouse.

Umar had presented a budget of N19.7bn for 2021, out of which N1.3bn was proposed for the State House Clinic.

Reacting to the proposal, the Chairman of the Senate panel, Senator Danjuma La’ah, said the committee would approve the budget for the State House Clinic but insisted that the President and other top officials of his government should no longer be flown abroad for medical treatment.

After the budget defence, Umar told newsmen that the statehouse would work towards ensuring the state house clinic is functional to meet the medical needs of President Buhari and other top government officials.

President Buhari has made quite a number of foreign medical trips since he assumed office in 2015.


  1. If the leaders/government is planning to equip and revamp the clinic in the state house because of the overseas medical
    treatment restrictions made against the president and other government officials, better please, but what measure and plan do the leaders/government of the federal republic of Nigeria has for the unkept, lack of facilities clinics and hospitals being used daily by about 80% of the poor Nigerians? Considering pareto distribution


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