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Sunday Oliseh Comes Out Victorious in Legal fight Against Fortuna Sittard in KNVB Tribunal


Sunday Oliseh who was a one-time Ex-Nigerian Super Eagles and coach has been free by the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) court after they got to know that the Dutch Club Fortuna Sittard was guilty of ‘Black Money Payment‘ as they claimed.

The court has ordered that Sunday Oliseh should be compensated with all his necessary gratuities and he has the right to remain in the club as the Fortuna Sittard’s manager till when his contract expires in May 2018.

Sunday Oliseh was suspended by Fortuna Sittard and they blamed him for insubordination but Oliseh also said that the Dutch club wanted him to be part of something devious which he rejected.

“Black money payment’ is an unacceptable payment for a job done in which tax is not paid to the government and it is a guilty offense in the Netherlands.

The Ex-Super Eagle’s captain went to social media to express his delight:

“Dutch court finds Fortuna Sittard guilty for not being a good employer to Sunday Oliseh and sanctions Fortuna. Most importantly The Knvb Court stated that Oliseh has not acted as a bad employee!” Oliseh wrote on Twitter.

“Consequentially, negating false claims made by Fortuna. God is great!\

“The court further sanctions Fortuna Sittard to compensate me (Oliseh) financially immediately.

“I am obliged to stay as a Fortuna employee until the month of May 2018. Thanks, 2 all my well-wishers for your valued support all through this injustice. Thankful to God 4 his blessings!”

Oliseh was however hated by some individuals for taking such action against his employer. A commentator on a Nigerian forum said he ought to have settled the issue amicably with the club as his action would act as an impediment for him to secure another job at any top flight club in Europe.

The comment reads:

“Anyway, Congrats on the legal victory BUT… good luck finding another coaching job in Europe, Asia, and Americas.

You created a bad impression/image (regardless of the circumstance) of yourself, the moment you go legal with your employers. It’s a Capitalist world… Hire /fire at will or discretion, even contracts are NOT restricted within this confinement.

Go ask all the top, top European coaches (Mourinho, Capello, et al…). Your best bet is to have negotiated a lucrative term in the contract agreement so it won’t get to this stage.

Please, it’s NOT about race else, he won’t have gotten the job in the first place.

Remember, Talent will ONLY take you this far… Attitude/Character/Personality will take you very, very far!


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