Home News Supreme court upholds Bayelsa governor Duoye Diri’s election

Supreme court upholds Bayelsa governor Duoye Diri’s election


The Supreme Court today upheld its decision of nullifying the election of David Lyon as Governor-elect of Bayelsa state and reconfirmed Douye Diri as winner of the November 2019 state governorship election.

On February 13th, the apex court nullified the election of Lyon and his Deputy on the grounds that the latter ran for the election using forged certificates.

Dissatisfied by the ruling, the APC filed for a review of the verdict by the court. 

While delivering judgement earlier today, the Supreme court justices led by Justice Amina Augie, held that the application filed by the APC for the review of the court’s judgement, lacked merit, and that the decision of the court is final. She added that the applicants failed to point out errors and added that no court on earth can review the judgment.


  1. From the moment the supreme pass it’s judgement to declare Rotimi Amaechi as the winner of governorship election to unseat the seating governor, a bad precedent was set into Nigeria justice system. Although many legal experts complained about it’s legality and foreseen disaster in the legal system but they where ignored since then we are faced with this kind of trash judgement.
    The this disqualification of a candidate should not give automatic victory to the other candidate rather the electorate should be visited to decide among the qualified candidates whom they preferred to ruled them.


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