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Suspected Assassin Ade Lawyer – “I’ve killed over 100 people”


Adeola Williams, 39-year-old vicious assassin, who is also called Ade Lawyer, has made a confession that he has killed over 100 people since assassinating people was his main source of living.

“But now I’m born again,” he said while being paraded. Williams, who have three children and in hail from Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State, was recently detained over the killing of one Ganiyu Ayinla, aka Pinero, who was the P.A to Adekunle Lawal, aka Kunle Poly, the NURTW chairman in Idumota, Lagos.

While throwing more light about his activities, he said, “If I get a chance to regain my freedom in this life, I will never go back to crime again. I also advise the millions of youths out there that crime does not pay.

I was into crime for over 20 years and despite the risk involved and lack of rest of mind, I have nothing to show for it except the uncompleted bungalow in Ibadan.

I have nothing on ground to fall back on despite taking the lives of more than 100 Nigerians. May God forgive me.”

However, he said he decided to take the life of Kunle Poly for not accepting to talk to the state chairman of the union, Tajudeen Agbede, on his behalf. He said he worked hard for Agbede to emerge as the chairman but that he was dumped after the election.

Williams added, “I thought about my predicament because my wife was heavily pregnant and the money I was getting from Oluomo wasn’t enough and I wasn’t ready to use my gun for armed robbery, so I decided to end the life of the man who refused to help me mend my relationship with Agbede.”

He said after the attack on Kunle Poly, he was later arrested but that he didn’t want to go down alone, thus he indicted some other persons.

He added, “I decided to rope in Olorunwa because he was the one who ruined my life. It was my support for him during his fight with MC Oluomo that made me to lose my position at the union.

After he was removed from office, he had so much money but he was wasting it on women and movie actors and he refused to help me. I was just so bitter, so I framed him.” He said he also decided to lie against MC Oluomo and Prince Kazeem Aletu.


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