Home News Suspected herdsmen Have killed 75-year old Man and 14 others

Suspected herdsmen Have killed 75-year old Man and 14 others


On Tuesday evening, some suspected militant herdsmen have reportedly killed a 75-year-old man and 14 others in what seems like a well-programmed attack on communities in Logo and Ukum local government areas of Benue state.

It was gathered that the communities that were affected in the latest attacks include Gbeji in Ukum local government area, Ukemberagya/Tswarev ward, Channel One community, Orveren and Ajura villages and Tombo community in Logo local government area of the state.

According to an ex-aide to the ex-Governor of Benue state who is from one of the affected communities,

“it all started two days ago but Tuesday evening between 6pm to 9pm was when the fully armed herdsmen came down heavily on the affected communities.

They went to Gbeji in Ukum local government area and had a free day. They burnt down houses and killed about 8 people in the community and injured many.

They did not stop at that after that operation, they came down to Ukemberagya/Tswarev ward in Logo local government area, at Channel One community of Tswarev clan and killed two people, burnt down houses and one motorcycle there.

They came unchallenged from Tungwa in Nasarawa state to attack our communities and after the operation they usually pulled back or retreat to where they came from.

But before yesterday’s incident, in the last 72 hours we have been facing these attacks. Before yesterday they mounted a road block at about 2pm around an abandoned mobile barracks projects at Anyiin and killed somebody there.”

It’s so obvious from this development that the security personnel that was all sent to the area are either inadequate or they have been defeated.

Among victims already identified in the herdsmen attack were Mtserkyaa lgbugh, Kananfa Amarfu, Tyavyar Akau, Orfega Hiikyaa, Kanyitor Uor, and a 75-year-old whose identity is not yet known.

“We appeal that more mobile police personnel be posted to our communities. We believe they are doing better because the soldiers posted to our place have not made any impact at all. We have stepped up security in the area and we are investigating.”

Reacting to the fresh herdsmen attacks in the state, Benue State Governor, Ortom has described herdsmen attacks on communities in Benue as an extension of the terrorism that is being perpetrated by Boko Haram in the North East.


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