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A Taxi Driver Has Returned a Mobile Phone and Lots of Cash for N1,000


A man whose name is Martin Nworah has gone to Facebook to share how he misplaced his mobile phone and money in a taxi that he entered but was amazed to see the Taxi driver return the money back to him.

Sharing his encounter on Facebook, Mr. Norah said the elderly driver has rekindled his faith in people. That he was about to compensate the man that brought his phone and money with N5,000 but the man didn’t want the offer but only want to receive N1,000.

Read Martin’s post below:

“This taxi driver renewed my faith in people once again. I forgot my phone and an envelope containing a big chunk of money in his taxi. After running around and finally locating him, he delivered the phone and envelope with everything intact.

When I tried to give him 5k to appreciate him because of the amount involved, he refused. I thought the money was small. So I apologized and increased it to 10k. He took out 1k from the money and returned 9k to me. He insisted I don’t need to pay him for doing the right thing.

I don’t know how else to appreciate him than to bring it here. If you’re good, don’t lose hope. There are so many other people who are trying their best too to redeem our humanity.

Martin who is a motivational speaker also made another post on Facebook to inspired his followers about timing:

Read Below:

I need to tell you this truth because sometimes, I feel guilty for being a part of this business.

You see, it is very hard to make someone accept the fact that while his or her mates are progressing rapidly in life, they need to wait for their own time. He sees them lodge in top-class hotels across the country for conferences, work in exotic multinational corporations, drive the best cars and change any person they want.

Yet, you want him to be patient and not feel bad because his time will come. The small love he is managing with his sweetheart, one of these guys will sweep her away and show her the finer things of life. And you expect him not to bleed. Don’t even say true love never dies, if you know what success smells like, you’d understand why people despise others for not succeeding as much.

The usual thing at this point is to encourage all of us. As usual, that is what Martin Beck Nworah usually does. But no, I won’t!

Sometimes, I feel guilty for using my talent or brand to get things which ordinarily, I shouldn’t have gotten. But this is life, you don’t get to climb by standing. You don’t get to climb by standing!

So here’s what I’d suggest. When next you feel bad for not buying that car, building your own house or living “The Life”, look yourself in the mirror and encourage yourself.

Only you can make yourself better. This is not a motivational piece!

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.



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