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The mission of Chinese doctors in Nigeria – Aregbesola interior minister finally gives answers


Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola has finally disclosed the mission of the 15 Chinese medical experts who came into the country in April.

Speaking at the daily press briefing of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 on Tuesday May 19, the honourable minister said the experts are in Nigeria on the bill of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) to assist in building and equipping isolation centres.

He also dismissed claims that they have left Nigeria. 

“Indeed 15 Chinese nationals came into Nigeria on 8th of April. They are here on the bill of the CCECC, a Chinese company doing some works for us in Nigeria in conjunction with some Nigerian companies they agreed to support us in the effort to respond to the pandemic.

At Idu isolation centre in Abuja, they participated in retrofitting and equipping the isolation centre. They equally worked on the Dome project, that was handled by the NNPC Construction in conjunction with ThisDay.

So, those are the locations in which they came to work. Both in retrofitting the Iju facility and installing critical essential medical equipment” he said

Aregbesola also said that the Chinese experts came into Nigeria on a 30-day visa issued in Beijing and they are still in the country because there is a restriction on travel occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. What d interior minister is invariably saying is that the So- Called Doctors dt d NMA vehemently opposed & resisted ve suddenly turned Engineers Over night.What a Shameful Shame.We don’t ve leaders in this Country at all,u can now see why Nigeria is Decaying in Virtually all facets of Governance.

  2. See our mumu government as dem dey show dem selves, from doctors to engineer! Idiot una Don finally bring dem make dem come change the finger print in asorock as usual! In order to welcome the new clone!… I laff una foolishness in Swahili

  3. What is minister of interior doing in d affairs of health? Indeed our politicians are mad and they think we are clueless of their fraudulent activities

  4. Am disappointed in our leaders and representer from higher to lower level, Nigeria the giant of Africa is been handled like babies in the womb. who do you think you are deceiving, one day i will take over the leadership of this country but for all of you; you will reap what you have sow.
    May God help us

  5. All the old folks, deceitful story tellers and unreliable and unruly. Your end is near, mark my words this day- beginning from the presidency down the line. You have all lost the trust of your own children, and your nest 20 generation will regret having you as parents…..! Nigerian politicians take note.

  6. Minister of interior that turn himself to minister of health,just listen to what yourself,when the Chinese so called Doctors well coming,there was restriction travel,but you people grant them access but its time for them to go back,suddenly no access. Nigerians are not blind we can see the handwriting on the wall.


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