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There is no going back on okada ban – Lagos state governor Sanwo-Olu


Lagos state Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu said there is no going back on his administration’s decision to ban motorcycles aka Okada and Keke NAPEPs in the state.

The governor made this statement while speaking at the formal launch of LAGFERRY operations, mobile app and commissioning of 14 commercial boats at Badore Ferry Terminal, Ajah today Tuesday February 4th.

Governor Sanwo-Olu, while justifying the ban, said 

Let me tell you about the ban which we just enforced. We will sustain the ban on Okadas and tricycles, mainly because of security and safety reasons. Security and safety of citizens is paramount to any government. As a responsible government, we will not fold our arms and allow any security breach in the state.

“We will continue to ensure the safety of our people on all fronts. There have been reports of serious security breaches and safety concerns in areas where these operators ply. We had to respond to these concerns because life and safety matter to this government”.

The ban on motorcycles and tricycles in the state has been widely condemned by many residents of the state. 


  1. This is poor decision by the state government. Using Security and Safety as excuse to make life difficult for common man on the street, a responsible government provides a palliative measure before embarking on such miserable enforcement. Just wait 2023 is around the corner we will vote you and useless APC government out of Power both at Lagos state and Federal.

  2. This decision is putting the cart before the horse.There should have been a time frame, say 6months, before implementing a decision that has taken a toll on the residents.The governor and his unreasonable advisors are not feeling the pinch but the residents.Their cars pick them up from wherever and drop them without any hassles..If this decision was based on security then keke should not have been banned as 90% of the riders are Westerners

  3. Let this ban continue because the rate the foreigner come to Lagos is too much all because of okada and marwa business . so i support gov Sanwo olu on this , for security purpose.

  4. Pls let the ban continue because of security. God blessed our amicable Gov. Sanwo- Olu for this great decision after all Who are this people paying their TAXES too and they easily spoil govt property.


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