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There is nothing to suggest that the deaths in Kano is linked to coronavirus – Gov. Ganduje


Kano state Governor, Umar Ganduje, has said there is nothing to suggest that the mysterious deaths reported in the state over the past week, has any links with the deadly Conroavirus.

There are unconfirmed reports that over 640 persons have died in the state in the last one week amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Morgue operators have also complained that they are overwhelmed by the number of dead bodies brought in for burial within the last one week.

In a series of tweets posted this morning, the state governor, Umar Ganduje, said there is nothing to suggest at the moment, that the deaths has any links with COVID-19.

According to him, autopsies are being carried out to identify cause of increased deaths in the state

”Over the past week there have been reports of mysterious deaths in our great Kano State and I’m here to assure everyone that investigations are already ongoing. Autopsies are still being carried out but so far there’s been nothing to suggest that they are linked with #COVID19.

The State Ministry of Health have been sleepless in their battle against the pandemic and I will like to commend them for their efforts thus far. They have fought hard in the sporadic testing and quarantining of infected person across the state.

To ease their burden a bit, we are currently partnering with Bayero University Kano to set up an additional Covid-19 test centre in the State.

I beckon the people of Kano to help us in this fight against the pandemic by respecting the lockdown, maintaining social distancing and washing their hands regularly. It is only together, that we have a chance at flattening the curve.” he tweeted


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    A shameless thief, only in a useless country like Nigeria can a criminal caught in broad daylight stealing dollars be allowed to remain as head of government. What a shame, same person talking now and again!! Thief


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