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This is a show of shame – Law maker Akin Alabi reacts to rearrest of Sowore


House of Representatives Member Akin Alabi reacted to the chaotic scene witnessed at the Federal High Court in Abuja, where the operatives of the DSS disrupted the trial of Omoyele Sowore , and also rearrested him barely 24 hours after he was released.

The lawmaker described the arrest of Omoyele Sowore in court as desecration of the judiciary. 

He wrote “The DSS will have to explain why Sowore was rearrested. And the reason has to be HUGE. We just debated on the floor yesterday about separation of powers but this is a desecration of the judiciary. No matter whose side you are on, this cannot be right in anyway.”

Akin Alabi who disclosed that they debated about separation of powers yesterday December 5, stated that he can’t find words to describe the show of shame. 

He added “I can’t find words to describe this show of shame. Except Sowore is about to bomb a shopping mall or something that extreme, which I’m sure he is not, this is unacceptable in a democracy.”


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