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Tobi Bakare Opens Up – This is Not The Time to be in a Relationship with Alex


Tobi Bakare has disclosed on his time while he was in the house, his relationship with fellow housemate Cee-c and how things turned around for the both of them and also his affair with Alex.

Tobi Bakare in an interview he had with Punch recently was asked why he eventually moved from Cee-C to Alex after things went sour. Tobi in his response said he didn’t turn to Alex and the feeling they had for each other didn’t happened immediately.

On moving on to Alex

I did not move on to Alex; neither was it a fast move. Within the first three weeks, CeeCee and I had a very good relationship but for another six weeks, we began to have issues but Alex and I had always been casual friends from the onset. When Leo left, we decided to talk a lot more and in the house, typically, you always had that one person you always confided in and both of us happened to be each other’s confidant. So we got closer and got to understand each other better. It was a case if us getting to know each other better and it was a gradual process. It was not until the last two weeks to the end of the show that we became very close and a week to the end of the show, we realized that we shared some feelings with each other. It did not happen instantly. It was a very gradual process. Three months is a long time for a lot of things to happen.

On if he’s in a relationship with Alex?

The truth is that we like each other but the Big Brother has presented us with a very big opportunity we could actually dilly dally with our relationship and work but this is not the best time for anybody to be in a relationship. Personally, I advised her that this is not the time to be in a relationship, it is a time to focus on your goals and everything you want to achieve in life. When you get to that comfort zone that you have achieved everything, you desire you can entertain a relationship. That was my advice to her. I told her that I like her and I am sure she likes me as well but we should maintain a cordial relationship at the moment and keep our friendship going as we achieve things both collectively and individually. When we get to a stage in our friendship where we feel that we have done well and we have grown together, then maybe we could be together. When we get there or if we ever get there, the world would know.


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