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Toyin Lawani Write Some Reasons Why She Should be Given Accolades


Toyin Lawani, who is the CEO of Tiannahs Place Empire, has given reasons why she needs to be given accolades.

According to the single mother of one, she deserves it because she is a big-time hustler and runs 30 businesses and work hard when most people are even in their bed sleeping.

She wrote:

”I Deserve some Accolades
I’m The Baddest stylist Designer in the world, I’m the se.xiest and Best Mom on this planet. I pay my kids Bills locally and internationally,I do what most men can’t do,I Run 30 Businesses Day in Day out at Tiannahsplacempire,I trained myself At every Skill I have at a young age,so I became perfect at them,I work till 6 am in the mornings with my Team, while most of you Are sleeping,my Talent express itself At Tip of my fingers,I have made many successful people in the industry, without screaming about it, I Pay my dues and over 100staff at Tiannahsplacempire,I have spread my Brand to some parts of the world.”

My Reality was the ist Rated welldone Reality show in Nigeria by @moabudu, Rated as most Educative and inspiring Reality show in Nigeria,I set the pace for upcomers ,people copy my creations and moves worldwide,I have empowered the voiceless with various Skills and changed their lives for Good,I started my Business at 16 and At 23 I Already own An Empire,I Have inspired women worldwide to Run multiple Businesses and still successful Run their homes as wives and mothers,I make you want you to do something more with your lives, only by looking at my Hustle Daily, I don’t compete, I Built A world Around me and I’m Ruling it, Taking nigeria internationally is the dream and it’s happening, when the world hears about what Tiannah does,they Dream of flying to nigeria to setup their Businesses,They reach out to me for advice,I made A huge impact on Entrepreneurs in Nigeria and made an impact in the Fashion industry in Nigeria,My kids already have their own Brands at their very young Age and they have started paying their own Bills with their endorsements,Im called the King of All Queen’s cause of my Hardwork and the skills I possess, even with all I have and my Team At my back,I bend and kneel when it comes to my craft cause I love what I do, No forming big girl when it comes to my passion, I deserve some whattttttttttttttt???????????????????????


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