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Twitter user narrates how her boyfriend’s mother crashed their marriage plans


A Twitter user took to twitter to narrate how her plans t marry her Igbo boyfriend of 2 years crashed because of the guy’s mother.

According to @dearolaa, her prospective mother-in-law’s attitude changed when she realized she is a Yoruba girl and she reportedly told her to her face that she can’t marry her son because she doesn’t like Yoruba people. 

@dearolaa further revealed that her boyfriend’s mother recently called her parents and warned that she should stay off her son.

Read her full tweet below;

She tweeted; 

My name is Adeolar and I’ve been in a very serious relationship with an Igbo guy. He’s nice, handsome and we’ve been dating for 2 years. He talked about me meeting his family and I was very excited little did I know that it would turn out to be my worse nightmare.

I met his mum and she seemed really nice, but her attitude changed when she realized I’m a Yoruba girl. She immediately told me to my face that I can’t marry her son. Her reasons weren’t clearly stated but she said she doesn’t like the Yoruba people. My heart melted, hot tears rolled down from my eyes; I’m Yoruba and I’m in love with an Igbo “mummy’s boy”.

I spoke with him about it and he keeps assuring me that it would be fine. It’s been almost 2 years now and the family are still not in support of our union. Every time I try to move on he comes begging that everything would be fine and that we will get married. I really love this guy, why I love him I don’t know because clearly he hasn’t done anything to deserve my heart but… He doesn’t have a good paying job yet, so I carter for most of his financial needs and even send some food to his village during festivity.

Just recently his mother called my parents to tell them that I can’t get married to her son and asked that I should be warned to stay off her son. He has travelled to his village for a week now and honestly I don’t know where I stand… I really love him but what do I do?

Good morning lovers. This is my story.


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