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An Undergraduate Student writes Heart Warming Letter as he drops out of school


A student of Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo state has penned down an emotional letter to the school as he drops out from school due to tuition fee that has been increased, which he could not afford any more

Sources gathered that the student, who is already in his 400 level had to quit as his parents couldn’t afford the new tuition fee that has been increased Of which he had even been the one paying it by himself since he gained admission into the school.

The school has reportedly increased the tuition fee from N30,000 to N180,000.

Read his letter below:


The V.C,
Dean students affairs,
Dean Faculty of Agriculture,
H.O.D Agricultural Economics & Extension.
Adekunle Ajasin University
Ondo State,

Greetings sirs,

It is lamentably pitiable that I’m writing this with tears in my eyes and with a sorrow-filled mind.

I Eniolorunopa_Collins a 400l student of Agricultural Extension, hereby write to inform you that I’m done with education at this stage the school fee has gone outrageously.

Let me quickly hark back to how I do pay for the fee then, My father(a retired civil servant) & My mother(on and off trader) has paid for my school fee just once ever since I’ve started schooling. My sister and I struggled to pay twice and now that I’m almost done schooling it’s so melancholy that I just have to drop out as there is no hope on this earth to pay for that exorbitant amount twice before I become a graduate.

I’m not laying emphasis on this to seek help to further my education but to get you informed how I made it thus far, where I come from? *From the Gutter*(that area where meeting up with 3square meals is a sin, that area where you have to stay up late at night and wake up very early every morning to get going with the daily struggle, that area where laughter is wild and rare).

Thanks for the knowledge you’ve imparted to me during my stay in AAUA as it will really help me to be my own boss in agribusiness.

If there is one way you could help me, just give me the amount worth paying for the exorbitant fee twice then I start up with it *NOT TO PAY FOR THE SCHOOL FEE* But to project into the future.

I’m so sure many of my *faculty* and *departmental mates* are also on the verge of quitting because that amount is just too *enormous* and *it is poisonous* We really can’t afford it; *we are so poor and we can’t keep up*

God be with you till we meet again!!!

*GOODBYE* *(O di igba kan na!!!)*

YOUR Ex-student,
Eniolorunopa Collins


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