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United State bans Nigerian School Cert. holder for life for Pretending as an Engineer


A 46-year-old Nigerian man, who is also a school certificate holder by name Julius Olawale Oluwagbenro was given a life ban by the American embassy on Tuesday, for posing as a certified engineer, among other lies he manufactured in order to get American Visa.

The man has been rejected three times on his attempt to get an American visa got a life ban on his fourth attempt in which he told the US Embassy that he graduated from UNILAG, Akoka, where he studied Electrical Electronics and has previously worked with Procter and Gamble.

The school cert holder according to Police, claimed that he was going to the US for his uncle’s burial, who died of cancer in New York. He also lied that he was presently working with Unilever as an engineer, with a monthly salary of N657,000.

Oluwagbenro was nailed by the phone number of the contact person, he was supposed to meet in America. Documents recovered from the school cert holder which are all believed to be fake, include a letterhead from the police,  stating that Oluwagbenro had a damaged passport and that the Embassy should, “kindly render any assistance he may require”.  There was also a First Bank statement of account, showing that Oluwagbenro had N6.2 million in his bank account.

The suspect disclosed that the fake police documents and First Bank statement were procured for him at NAPEX compound by touts. NAPEX compound is on the same axis as the American Embassy. Oluwagbenro who noted that he had traveled to Egypt, Ghana, UK and the Benin Republic, but his heart still yearns for America, further disclosed that if he had scaled the interview and got his visa, he would have paid his agent identified as one Daddy Damilade, N150,000.

Narrating how he was arrested, Oluwagbenro told a News Telegraph correspondent:

“I was in front of the consultant, a woman and she asked me why I was going to America. I told her that I was going for the burial of my uncle, who died of cancer. She said I should accept her condolences, I said thank you. She asked me to wait while she got up. After a while, a Nigerian guy came and walked me over to a room, where he started asking me questions. The questions were about my documents. At that point, there was no need to lie. I had to tell him the truth.

The truth is that I wasn’t the person that filled my visa form. My agent did. I was not even aware of most of the information he filled on the form.
“Everything my agent filled in the visa application form was a lie. I have never worked with Procter and Gamble and neither have I worked with Unilever.

I’m not an engineer; I’m just a school cert holder. I sell cars in Ibadan, but the agent, Daddy Damilade, said that if I tell the embassy that I sell cars, they wouldn’t give me the visa. I don’t have any uncle who died of cancer. I’m just looking for a way to leave Nigeria, go to America to look for my daily bread.”


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