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A US based Nigerian Lady says – “Nigerian girls born in America make better wives than Nigerian girls born in Nigeria”


A Nigerian lady that is based in US has given her opinion comparing US-Born Nigerian Girls to the ones born in their country, and it’s been causing some serious conflict on Social Media.

Zigi gives her opinion that Nigerian-American girls make better wives than a Nigerian-Born… and she gave her reasons;

“I think that Nigerian American girls make better wives than Nigerian born girls because we are more independent, we love to work for what we have, and we cause less drama. We don’t expect our men to be millionaires right away, but we love to work side by side with HIM to build”

Below are some responses she got:

@MatthewMichaelz: “Though this isn’t entirely true I see where you are coming from, not all Nigerian born ladies are ignorant, there are a lot of smart & wonderful ladies like you. But if you are reading this and you are triggered, she is referring to you. Thanks for this and enjoy your day.”

@prettymarve: “I think you can praise yourself without bringing others down, cos doing that(bringing others down) only decreases your self-worth…IMO.”

@martchuddy: “Where is this one coming from. Our Naija, born in Naija, hustle in Naija is the real deal. To every real hustling Naija lady in Naija, I celebrate you.”

@nwamummy_: “At the end, all of us still remain NIGERIAN GIRLS so what’s your point?”

@dera_kimora: “Are looking for a husband? It’s simple, just type “I need a husband, pls rt, my husband may be on your timeline ” shikena!”

@UjuO_: “I hate when people sit in their bubble and generalize. Yes, there are Nigerian ladies who want the man to give them everything but these ladies are also found in every part of the world. Some of us actually want to be independent and are working to have ours.”


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