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Valentine Celebration: Nigerian Lady Says – “Fornication And Witchcraft Are Twin Sisters”


Chukwuba Chiluba, who is a Layer by Profession has shared her view on fornication and witchcraft which she said are the same.

According to her, when one fornicates, he or she looses spiritual power because fornication is an act which provokes God to anger.

The young lawyer said this ahead of Valentine which comes up tomorrow (February 14)

She Shared this on her Facebook page;

Fornication and witchcraft are twin sisters. In witches coven, fornication is a free for all activity. They deliberately engage in it to provoke God to anger. One way you can easily recognize a witch or wizard is their lust and seductive nature.

Another evil of fornication is the loss of power or vision. If you fornicate, you can easily loose spiritual power. If you are a fornicator, Satan will give you something else- an idol to take the place of God in your life. It is impossible for the one who is living in fornication to serve God.

Every fornicator is either into witchcraft or is a victim of witchcraft. These heinous sins are combined, hence God cannot stand anyone who fornicates. According to 1 Samuel 15:23, there is a link between witchcraft and idolatry. Every witch, wizard or subscriber to the occult in any form is an idolater.

Ask that God’s judgement will come on unrepentant agents of darkness sent to seduce men and women of God all over the world.

In another pose made on Facebook, she wrote;

Why is it that Real virgins are shy to admit their status? I guess it’s because society would “Virgin shame them “.
Tomorrow is valentine, you don’t need to prove anything, you are good the way you are, don’t be pressurized to do anything you are not ready for. If you still want to be a virgin

Then virgin you shall be, you are not harming anyone, be proud of yourself. You don’t have to worry about pregnancy or STD … Enjoy it.

Virginity is the new cool !!!


  1. The best preaching I have ever heard about this three minutes madness called fornication. God will really bless you. It will go a long way to uphold my resolve to abstain from indulging in it.
    Fornication has gone haywire. Man to Man, Man to Animals, Woman to Woman, Father and daughter, Mum and son. Men swapping wives, all sorts of things. God safe me from the stupidity of this generation.

  2. She the Chukwuba Chiluba preaching is also a witch just see her dressing what is her dressing telling about her? any man who cant control himself will lost after her. You should go and ask God for forgiveness.


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