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We are not getting the needed support from Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 – Gov. Ganduje


Kano state Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, accused the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, of not giving his state the support it needs to tackle Coronavirus. 

The Governor slammed the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, in an interview BBC Hausa Service on Monday April 27.

Ganduje described the current situtation in Kano as “bad and scary” because they solely relied on the testing center which was recently closed down, to fight the disease. 

He said; 

“We are in a serious problem. I can tell you the situation is really bad and scary. Because what we solely rely upon in fighting the disease is the testing centre.

“This laboratory suspended its operation five or six days ago. There is also a shortage of sample collection equipment. It is not a common equipment that you can go and buy in the market. Those whose samples were collected are still waiting to know their fate.

“The problem (is) with the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19. Even its Director General was in Kano. He spent a night there, but we have not heard from him again. The minister (of health) too knows the laboratory is not working.

“There is serious problem. We have been complaining that Kano needs more than one testing centre, right from the beginning of this (pandemic).”

When asked if Kano state is not getting any support from federal government agencies on the fight against COVID-19, Ganduje said; 

 “Sincerely speaking, we are not getting deserved attention. If these equipment (testing centre) are under our control, we will do our best to make sure it works properly. But we are not getting the needed support and cooperation from from Presidential Task Force on COVID-19.”


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